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What is a group? A group can be however you define it. You may want to see how your organization, your class, your church, your group of friends, or your company values compares to others in terms of the studies available on our website.

Why do we have groups? By default, our graphs allow you to compare yourself to others from the site, often broken down into groups of interest such as the average liberal, conservative, male, or female visitor. However, many people want not only to compare their individual scores to others, but also to see how their "group" compares to others on the site, and how they, as an individual, compare to others in their group. In order to facilitate this, we add an extra bar to most (though not all) graphs to show you how your "group" scored on that measure.

How do you start? Creating a group is simply a matter of getting your own unique URL that you can give to others in your group. Anyone who signs up using that URL will automatically be added to the group and be able to see group averages, in addition to contributing to that average. To get a unique URL, fill out the below information and you'll be given a URL that you can send to others.

See here for more instructions and sample email text.

Group Name:
This is the label that your group will be known as. Please pick something unique.
Group Type:
What category best describes your group?
Group Description:
Optional: Please tell us what country or U.S. state your group is located in. If you do not fit one of the above categories, please let us know what category we should add.

contact: webmaster at yourmorals dot org