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Links & Resources

Related Projects:
* Polipysch: A blog reporting some of our findings, before we write them up for publication
* CivilPolitics.Org
* Project Implicit
* Cornell Attitudes Survey and Evaluations (CASE) Study

Press about
* Is Do Unto Others Written into our Genes? - NY Times
* Moral psychology: The depths of disgust - Nature

Findings/Results from
* Moral and Personality Psychology Scale Results for Obama and Clinton Supporters
* Clinton=Loyalty, Obama=Fairness
* Moral Foundation scores of Clinton and Obama Supporters
* Liberals & Conservatives on the Schwartz Values Scale
* Liberals vs. Conservatives Ethics Postion Questionnaire results - Moral Relativism

Collaborator Websites:
* Pete Ditto's Page
* Jesse Graham's Page
* Jon Haidt's Page
* Jon Haidt's book, the Happiness Hypothesis
* Ravi Iyer's Page

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