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The study you completed examines how people decide what is the right thing to do in difficult moral situations. In particular, we are interested in comparing people's answers about "impersonal" or removed moral violations (e.g., pulling the switch to redirect the trolley) to their answers about "personal" or up-close moral violations (e.g., pushing the man off the bridge to stop the trolley).

The dilemmas are a measure of how acceptable people believe it is to violate principles of harm in order to prevent some other imminent harm from happening. Research in moral philosophy and psychology has shown that people generally find impersonal violations morally acceptable but personal violations unacceptable, even thought the actions have the same consequences (killing one person to save five others, for instance).

The figure below shows your percentage of "yes - acceptable" answers for personal and impersonal moral violations (in green) compared to the average scores of other visitors to this

For more information on moral dilemmas like the trolley problem, please see Josh Greene's homepage.

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